First Core Group meeting, Prague, Jan. 18th, 2019

Program Management Group (PMG) 

CHAIR: Hans Lund

VICE CHAIR: Klara Brunnhuber

VICE Leader of the PMG: Maritta Välimäki

VICE Leader of the PMG: Jennifer Yost

Science Communication Manager

Caroline Blaine

Working Group Leaders

WG1: Dissemination and Implementation

Arlene McCurtin 

WG2: Development and Teaching of Methods to be Evidence-Based when doing Clinical Research.

Miloslav Klugar 

WG3: Improving Efficiency in Producing and Updating Systematic Reviews

Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit

WG4: Meta-Research on EBR Implementation

Livia Puljak

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) Coordinator

Tatjana Zorcec 

Grant Holder Manager

Heidi Skramstad



Action Management Committee

EVBRES participants at the first Workshop meeting in Bergen, Norway. Feb 4-6th, 2019

At the present time the EVBRES Action Management Committee consists of
95 participants representing 35 European countries (including 19 COST Inclusiveness Target Countries).

For a complete list of members of the EVBRES Action Management Committee please see the COST website.

International Partners

Institutions from Australia, Canada, Egypt, Gaza, India, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, USA are involved as International Partners.