Working Groups

WG1: Dissemination and Implementation

Leader: Eduard Baladia

Deputy Leader: Judy Makhoul


  • Raise awareness and acceptance of the importance of the challenge and the EBR solution among all relevant stakeholders
  • Formulate implications of an EBR approach for representatives of Clinical Health Researchers (CHRs), patients, and Clinical Research Support Stakeholders (CRSSs)

Activity groups:

WG1-A1: Implications for Ethics Committees (Simon Kolstoe) 

WG1-A2: Implications for Funding Agencies (Matt Westmore)

WG1-A3: Implications for Medical Journals (Robert Prill)

WG1-A13: Implications for Patients and Clinicians (Marleen Corremans)

WG2: Development and Teaching of Methods to be Evidence-Based when doing Clinical Research.

Leader: Miloslav Klugar 

Deputy Leader: Jitka Klugarová


  • Identify the best design and pedagogic approach for an online EBR course
  • Identify barriers and facilitators related to being evidence-based in the conduct of research
  • Teach clinical Early Career Investigators (ECIs) and senior CHRs how to overcome these obstacles

Activity groups:

WG2-A4: Training Schools (Hrund Thorsteinsson) 

WG2-A5: Delphi study related to Training Schools (Malgorzata Bala)

WG2-A6: EVBRES conferences/seminars (Program Management Group)

WG2-A7: EVBRES online Handbook (Jane Andreasen) 

WG3: Improving Efficiency in Producing and Updating Systematic Reviews

Leader: Raluca Sfetcu (formerly Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit)

Deputy Leader: René Spijker


  • Foster collaboration between SR specialists, Librarians & Information Specialists, engineers, programmers, CHRs and patients to implement tools to increase the efficiency of updating and preparing SRs
  • Describe the state-of-the-art working processes and technologies used when preparing a SR, and to identify working processes and technologies that could be improved 

Activity group:

WG3-A8: Improving efficiency of SRs – delays in process (Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit)

WG3-A14: Investigating which solutions speed up the process (René Spijker [lead]; Lisa Affengruber [deputy])

WG3-A15: Prioritisation (Mersiha Mahmić-Kaknjo)

WG4: Meta-Research on EBR Implementation

Leader: Livia Puljak


  • Identify ways to evaluate the use of an EBR approach in clinical research practice and among CRSSs
  • Initiate the implementation of these evaluation methods
  • Test the suggested methods to monitor CHRs’ use of the EBR approach

Activity groups:

WG4-A9: Standard for monitoring clinical research (Malgorzata Bala) 

WG4-A10: Executing parts of the standard for monitoring (Dawid Pieper)