EVBRES Participant Meetings


Workshop 1: Bergen, Norway 4-6th February 2019

EVBRES participants at the first Workshop meeting in Bergen, Norway. Feb 4-6th, 2019

A Twitter Moment summarising this workshop can be found here.


Videos of Plenary Session, Monday 4th February


Berit Rokne (Rector, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences [HVL]). Welcome – The importance of international collaboration & networking for education & research.
Alice Kvåle (Pro-Dean of Research at Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, HVL) on why Evidence-Based Research is of particular importance to healthcare.
Hans Lund (Chair of EVBRES) presents an overview of the EVBRES Bergen Workshop
Klara Brunnhuber (Vice-Chair of EVBRES) on the structure of EVBRES.

Maritta Välimäki (Vice Leader Program Management Group) introduction to EVBRES Working Group 2(Development and Teaching of Methods to be Evidence-Based when doing Clinical Research) and Working Group 4 (Meta-Research on Evidence-Based Research Implementation)
Jennifer Yost (Vice Leader Program Management Group) introduction to EVBRES Working Group 1 (Dissemination and Implementation) and Working Group 3 (Improving Efficiency in Producing and Updating Systematic Reviews).
Caroline Blaine (Science Communication Manager). The communication plan for EVBRES: introduction to the website, logo, dissemination and social media.
Hans Lund. EVBRES Consultant Groups.
NOTE: following the Bergen Workshop a decision was made to merge Consultant Group 4 (How to involve end-users) with the new Activity 13 (Implications for Patients and Clinicians).