EVBRES Participant Meetings

EVBRES participants at the Kickoff meeting in Brussels, Oct. 17th, 2018

Workshop 1: Bergen, Norway. 4-6th February 2019

EVBRES participants at the first Workshop meeting in Bergen, Norway. Feb 4-6th, 2019

A Twitter Moment summarising this workshop can be found here.

Videos of Plenary Session, Monday 4th February available to watch on EVBRES YouTube Channel

Workshop 2: Tartu, Estonia. 30th September-1st October 2019

EVBRES participants at the second Workshop meeting in Tartu, Estonia. Sept 30th-Oct 1st, 2019

Video of Second EVBRES Workshop, Tartu, Estonia
At 02:10 – Welcome by Jarek Mäestu, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Tartu
At 07:12 – Welcome by Katrin Kaarna, Head of Clinical Research Centre of TU & TU Hospital
At 10:06 – Presentation of the EVBRES Network and its mission, Hans Lund, Chair of EVBRES

4th Action MC Meeting (Online due to COVID-19)

EVBRES 4th Action MC Meeting (Zoom) March 18th 2021