EBR Conference

1st Evidence-Based Research Conference: Increasing the Value of Research

Online Conference
16th-17th November 2020


Do you want clinical research to be ethical, relevant and worthwhile?
Join the 1st Evidence-Based Research (EBR) Conference to discover more about the use of systematic reviews to decrease research waste and increase research value.

The Conference is aimed not only at researchers from all disciplines but at everyone keen to share their knowledge and experience relevant to an EBR approach.

Our conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research” reflects the ambition to ensure that all new studies address research questions that matter, in a valid, efficient and accessible manner. One key step towards this goal is to start using prior research in a systematic and transparent way to justify and design new studies. This approach will help ensure that ethical approval, funding and publication is reserved only for necessary studies – those based on knowledge gaps identified through syntheses of earlier trials – and relevant studies – those justified by obtaining the perspective of end-user groups directly affected by the new study.

Join us to hear keynote speakers and to share your scientific work and experience with the EBR community; and let us all together work towards more sustainable, ethical and safe research.