Call for Abstracts

1st Call for Abstracts

Closing date for submissions: 1st August 2020

Do you want clinical research to be ethical, relevant and worthwhile?
Come and share your scientific work and experience with the Evidence-Based Research (EBR) community at the 1st EBR Conference 16th-17th November 2020. The conference will be held online and is organised by the EU-funded EVBRES COST Network (CA-17117).


Target Audience
The Conference is aimed at health researchers from all professional groups and across all domains keen to share their knowledge and experience in how to decrease research waste and increase research value through an EBR approach to new research.


Scientific Scope
Our conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research” reflects the ambition to ensure that all new studies address research questions that matter in a valid, efficient and accessible manner. One key step towards this goal is to start using prior research in a systematic and transparent way, when justifying and designing new studies, and when placing new results in context. This approach will help ensure that ethical approval, funding, and publication is reserved only for studies that are necessary – based on knowledge gaps identified through syntheses of earlier trials – and relevant – justified by obtaining the perspective of end-user groups directly affected by the new study.

Topics covered may include:

  • Meta-research related to EBR
  • Stakeholders’ role in EBR
  • Prerequisites of EBR
  • Obstacles to implementing an EBR approach
  • Challenges of EBR
  • Local initiatives in EBR
  • Practice/Service development using EBR
  • Innovative learning methods in EBR


Abstract Categories
Abstracts can be submitted for one of four categories:

  1. Oral presentation: Presentations in this category will be 20 minutes long in total, allowing time for audience questions. The content of the abstracts should be linked to the main Conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research”.
  2. Symposium: We welcome submissions for themed symposia of 90 minutes’ length in total involving 3-5 speakers, including a chair and a discussant (who can be the chair or presenter). We prefer diverse groups in terms of gender, career stage, and experience. Abstracts in this category should have a clear focus on research and/or innovative practice, and be linked to the main Conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research”. Authors applying for this type of session should propose a symposium topic and submit it together with the associated individual abstracts. In other cases, the symposium topic might be proposed by the Abstract or Scientific Committee for a group of related submitted abstracts.
  3. Poster presentation: Poster abstracts shall be related to research or practice, and linked to the main Conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research”. The size of the poster will be announced later.
  4. Workshop: Sessions of this kind will last a total of 90 minutes, with dedicated participants discussing a specific topic. Form and type of the workshop can be proposed by the authors together with associated learning goals.


Submission Guidelines

  • Language: English
  • Text limit: Maximum 300 words (excluding title and author information)
  • File type: Word (*.doc, *.docx) document
  • Size: A4
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12 points
  • Line spacing: 1 line
  • Position: Justified
  • NB: Do not use indents on the first line.


Abstract Structure

  • Title
  • Contact details for each author:
    • Author information: Family name, first name, job title/position.
    • Affiliation information: Institution, department, full address. If there is more than one affiliation, please write all the affiliations this way: (1) (2) (3) – one number per affiliation.
  • Email address of corresponding author (including name if different from first author)
  • The abstract should include the following four areas:
    • Introduction: Brief statement regarding the purpose of the work and the current state of research in the field
    • Methods : Paragraph outlining the method(s) of the work
    • Results : Summary of results, including sufficient details to support any drawn conclusions
    • Conclusions : Statement explaining the significance of the work and its implications for further research.
  • Indicate your abstract category: oral presentation, symposium, poster presentation, or workshop.


Electronic Submission Process
Please carefully review your abstract prior to submission. The name of the file should include the last name of the first author (in capital letters), followed directly (without a space) by the first name of the first author (in small letters), an underscore, and the date of submission (format: ddmmyyyy). (Example: VALIMAKIMaritta _24032020)
NB: Please do not use dots or empty spaces in the file name, which may cause an error when sending the file.
Abstracts have to be submitted by midnight GMT on 1 August 2020 by sending the file to the following email:


Scientific Assessment
Submitted abstracts will undergo a peer review process by members of the Abstract Committee. They will be judged against a set of criteria for novelty, quality, potential scientific impact, interest, and alignment with the main Conference theme “Increasing the Value of Research”.


Accepted Abstracts
Results of the abstract assessment and assigned category of presentation will be announced to the corresponding author via email. All presenters of selected abstracts will be required to register and pay the appropriate registration fees for the 1st EBR Conference. Individuals submitting abstracts agree that if their abstract is accepted, they will present their abstract as scheduled. All accepted abstracts will appear in the final conference programme and be made
available to delegates online. All submitters will be asked to give consent to having the abstract and the contact details (name and affiliation) of the presenting author(s) published.


Important Deadlines

  • 31 March 2020 Abstract submission opens
  • 1 August 2020 (midnight GMT) Abstract submission closes
  • 1 September 2020 Authors notified of the outcome of the assessment
  • 15 November 2020 Registration closes
  • 16 – 17 November 2020 1st Evidence-Based Research Conference


Conference fees

Due to Covid-19 we have decided to hold a virtual conference which will be free to attend for all participants.

Scientific Committee

  • Maritta Välimäki, Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • Hans Lund
  • Klara Brunnhuber
  • Jennifer Yost
  • Carsten Juhl
  • Matt Westmore
  • Caroline Blaine

Abstract Committee

  • Maritta Välimäki
  • Hans Lund
  • Klara Brunnhuber
  • Miloslav Kluger
  • Jennifer Yost
  • Livia Puljak
  • Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit
  • Tamara Prevendar
  • Tatjana Zorcec
  • Matt Westmore
  • Caroline Blaine

Conference Management Team

  • Maritta Välimäki
  • Simon Lam, Conference Secretary
  • Tella Lantta, Conference Secretary

For any queries, please contact the organisers by emailing

Register for the conference at