ITC Conference Grants


2nd Grant Period (May 1st, 2019 – April 30th, 2020)


Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) Conference Grants (CGs) aim to support Early Career Investigator (ECI) researchers from participating ITCs to attend international science and technology-related conferences 


ECI’s1 (and possibly PhD students) with a primary affiliation in an institution located in an ITC2 to whom all of the following apply:

  • Accepted oral/poster presentation at the conference listed in the official event/conference program
  • Subject of the oral presentation / poster is on the topic of the Action and acknowledges COST 
  • Participation has been pre-approved by the Action MC.

1 ECI = Early Career Investigator – A researcher within a time span of up to 8 years from the date they obtained the PhD/doctorate (full-time equivalent).

2 ITC = Inclusiveness Target Countries – Full list of ITC


Any international science and technology-related conferences with a relevant focus that take place between May 1st, 2019 and April 30th, 2020 (2nd EVBRES Grant Period [GP]). European conferences are preferred.


The number of Conference Grants to be funded in the 2nd GP is 2.

The maximum cost per ITC conference grant is 2,050 €. 

A cost estimation (registration fee, estimated total cost) should be submitted with the application.


The 2nd GP will have only one round of applications that have to be submitted by January 15th, 2020.


  1. Candidate prepares application covering all of the following aspects:
    • Details of applicant (name, contact details, institution, stage of career) 
    • Details of conference (name, date and place)
    • Abstract of conference contribution
    • Description of how the conference contribution and the conference overall relates to EVBRES, what are the benefits for the researcher in attending the conference, what are the benefits for EVBRES (1 page max.)
    • Documents about conference registration, acceptance of conference contribution, expected cost (registration fee, total estimated cost).
  2. Applicant sends application via email to ITC CG Coordinator Tamara Prevendar ( and complete the on-line application form (at
  3. ITC CG Coordinator reviews the documents and, if needed, asks for clarification/additional documents.
  4. Application is reviewed by each member of the ITC CG review committee and the ratings for evaluation criteria are sent to the ITC CG coordinator
  5. ITC CG Coordinator reviews ratings and reaches a decision, taking into account gender balance.
  6. ITC CG Coordinator informs ITC CG review committee of ratings and discusses decision with ITC CG review committee until a final decision is made.
  7. Recommended application is sent to Action Chair for pre-approval (i.e. before the conference). 
  8. Applicant is notified of ITC CG review committee’s decision (and if applicable Action Chair’s pre-approval).
  9. ITC CG Coordinator gives green light to the applicant to apply for the grant officially in the e-COST platform.


The ITC review committee is made up of the 4 Working Group Leaders.  In case someone from the committee’s institution applies, WG leaders’ substitutes will be taking the role to avoid bias/ conflict of interest. The committee reviews the application scores the application on a scale from 1 to 5* and send their ratings to the ITC CG coordinator (independently):

  1. Research match with the EVBRES MoU objectives and Working group goals; 
  2. Conference contribution – quality of the submitted contribution.

*From 1 = no match with EVBRES MoU objectives & WG goals/ poor quality of the submitted contribution; to 5 = very good research match with EVBRES MoU objectives & WG goals/ excellent quality of the submitted contribution.