ITC Conference Grants


4th Grant Period (1st May 2021 – 31st October 2022)

4 grants ITC CG | 1 Dissemination CG | 2 grants for virtual conferences


Conference needs to take place before September 30th, 2022.

ITC Conference Grants are limited to Young researchers and innovators[1] from COST Inclusiveness Target Countries and NNC to attend international science and technology related conferences.

Dissemination Conference involves presenting the work of the Action at a high-level conference by an Action participant.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE for the ITC Conference Grant?

Young researchers and innovators[2] with a primary affiliation in an institution located in an ITC[3] that will meet the following criteria

  • The grantee will deliver the approved (oral or poster) presentation, listed in the official event/conference program,
  • subject of the oral presentation / poster must be on the topic of the Action and must acknowledge COST,
  • Participation must be pre-approved by the Action MC.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE for the Dissemination Conference Grant?

A researcher who

  • Delivers the approved oral presentation of the work of the Action,
  • Actively network with other participants and promote the Action to the potential stake holders,
  • Participation must be pre-approved by the Action MC.

Number of Conference Grants to be funded: 7

Max. cost[4] per conference grant:

  • Up to 2.000,00Eur per grant for face-to-face conferences (ITC CG) – 4 grants
  • Up to 2.000,00Eur per grant for face-to-face conferences (Dissemination CG) – 1 grant
  • OR 500,00Eur for virtual conferences – 2 grants

For conference grants the Grant Holder Manager requires the receipts for conference fee, long distance travel and accommodation. The receipts should be sent after the grant via email ( The predicted amounts for subsistence are calculated based on the daily allowance rate.


The results are expected within three weeks.


Any international science and technology-related conferences with a relevant focus that take place by 30 September 2022 (4th EVBRES Grant Period [GP]).

European conferences are preferred.


The applicant needs to register and submit the application through eCost.[5] The application needs to cover all of the following aspects:

  • Details of applicant (name, age, contact details, institution)
  • Details of conference (name, date and place)
  • Abstract of conference contribution
  • Documents about conference registration, acceptance of conference contribution, expected costs.[6] The required amount must be explained in the proposal (please check the daily allowances for each country on website[7]).
  • Description of how the conference contribution and the conference overall relates to EVBRES, what are the benefits for the researcher in attending the conference, what are the benefits for EVBRES (1 page max.)
  • To qualify for a dissemination grant the applicant requires a recommendation letter from the Action Chair/Core Group stating that both the content of the presentation and the conference itself meet the criteria.
  • Applications must be submitted by July 10th, 2022.


Grant Awarding Coordinator reviews the documents and, if needed, asks for clarification/additional documents. Application is then reviewed by ITC Conference Grants & Dissemination Conference Grants Review Committee.

If your application is successful, you will receive the Grant Letter which is the pre-approval of the grant (i.e. before the conference).

The ITC Conference Grants & Dissemination Conference Grants Review Committee will evaluate the applications based on

  1. Research match with the EVBRES MoU objectives and Working group goals;
  2. Conference contribution – quality of the submitted contribution

More about the Action’s topics MoU, Working Groups and Projects can be found at

After the conference:

Once the activity has ended, the grantee submits the required reports and relevant documentation in e-COST within 30 days after the end date of the activity or 15 days after the end of the Grant Period, whichever date comes first.

Grants are paid by the Grant Holder after the completion of the activity and approval of all required report/documentation.

In order to receive payment of the grant, the grantee needs to upload the:

  • Report to the Action MC on the outcome of the presentation of the accepted contribution, in terms of grantee’s visibility, including the establishment of new contacts for future collaborations (template),
  • The certificate of attendance,
  • the programme of the conference or book of abstracts / proceedings indicating the presentation (oral or poster) of the grantee,
  • copy of the given presentation (oral or poster).


A detailed description of opportunities and rules can be found in the following documents

In case of contradiction between the current call and the official documents generated by the COST Association, the official COST documents are considered to have higher relevance.

For questions, please write to EVBRES Grant Awarding Coordinator Dr. Tamara Prevendar

[1] Young researcher and innovator is a researcher or innovator under the age of 40.

[2] Young researcher and innovator is a researcher or innovator under the age of 40.

[3] ITC = Inclusiveness Target Countries – Full list of ITC:

[4] A cost estimation (registration fee, estimated total cost) should be submitted with the application and explanation of the expected cost.

[5] For detailed guide see:

[6] For virtual conferences, only the registration fee is eligible cost (up to 500Eur).

[7] Current daily allowance rates can be found here: Please check for updates regularly on the website.