Joeri Tijdink

Joeri Tijdink is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department (Faculty of Humanities) and Prinicipal Investigator at the Ethics, Law and Humanities department of the Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. His main research focuses on research integrity, open science, the validity of clinical trials and assessment of research and researchers.mental health in academia, research culture and publication pressure. He is currently leading a workpackage in the EU-funded SOPs4RI-project that creates policy for research performing and research funding organisations. He is also the author of the book Scholar on the Sofa, how to survive in academia (2019).

Apart from his work as a researcher, he works as a clinical psychiatrist, is recently appointed as member of the Young Academy in the Netherlands (2022) and is cofounder and chair of De Jonge Psychiater (, a not for profit organization that discusses and promotes evidence based research in psychiatry.