Per Olav Vandvik

Dr. Vandvik is the Chief Executive Director and co-founder of the non-profit MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation (MAGIC, With MAGICapp as a core platform, the vision of MAGIC is a Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem to increase value and reduce waste in health care. Following innovations such as the BMJ Rapid Recommendations, MAGIC has experienced a breakthrough for their thinking and technology through the COVID-19 pandemic: Living evidence and guidance, as demonstrated by WHO, NICE and other collaborators of MAGIC.

Dr. Vandvik has a passion for promoting the implementation of evidence-based practice in health care, on both an individual and organizational level. In his role as Professor of Medicine at the University of Oslo and consultant physician in his local hospital, he also teaches both health care personnel and decision makers on how to best use current research evidence in clinical practice, with a particular focus on developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids.