• Next Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) applications will start on 1st June 2021 and will be closed when the maximum number of STSMs are filled.
  • STSMs may start anytime from 25th June and end no later than 20th September 2021.
  • The evaluation will be done by the STSM committee, Action Chair and Vice Chair.
  • The selection of successful STSM applicants will be done in consideration of the scientific scope of the proposed mission and how the mission can support the Action in achieving its scientific objectives.
    NOTE: It is not recommended for applicant to making travel arrangements until they have secured the approval of the application from the Action chair, vice chair, and STSM committee.

For more information please see the EVBRES STSM pdf or contact Tatjana Zorcec

STSMs are research visits to a host institution where the applicant will perform research activities that advance the objectives of EVBRES. STSMs must be between 5 and 90 days (although, they may exceed that duration in specific instances for Early Career Investigators). EVBRES STSMs are financially supported by the Action with a fixed contribution of up to 2000 EUR. More information is available in the COST Vademecum (Section 8 of the April 2021 version) or contact Tatjana Zorcec

Gülcan TECİRLİ – Enhancing Skills on Systematic Review of Medical Research

Luca PINGANI – The Importance of Evidence-based Research for Students of Bachelor Degree in Health Professions

Raluca SFETCU – Resource-intensive steps in systematic reviewing. A qualitative approach

Ratko PERIC – EBR Handbook for Clinical Research Start-up

Hans LUND – Discuss, improve and formulate the process of EBR, and finalise a systematic review of metaresearch relevant for EBR

Lisa AFFENGRUBER – Improving methodological skills for the systematic review process

Robert PRILL – Preparing teachers for teaching Evidence based research – preparing funding opportunities