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Announcement for ONLINE Evidence-Based Research (EBR) Training School

On behalf of the Management Committee of the EVBRES COST Action (CA117), we are pleased to announce the 7th EVBRES Training School “EVIDENCE-BASED RESEARCH (EBR) Training School – Identifying a need for a new research study”, to be held asynchronously online on the CANVAS platform:
Opening date: 1st February, 2023
Closing date: 31st March, 2023

Self-enrollment link:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the last chance for a free online course on evidence-based research. We have been able to run free courses thanks to the COST Association via the COST Action CA17117 “EVBRES”. The courses will continue in the future, but there will be a charge as part of the course will be in-person.

The overall aim of the EBR Training School is to introduce to participants the concept of EBR and enhance their ability to use existing evidence synthersis to justify and design a new study and place its results in the context of existing evidence to avoid redundant research.

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