Videos of 1st EBR Conference


Plenary 1: The Evidence-Based Research concept

Chair: Klara Brunnhuber, Vice-chair: Matthew Westmore
0:00:02 Welcome by Maritta Valimaki and Klara Brunnhuber
0:13:10 Hans Lund “The Evidence-Based Research (EBR) concept”
0:40:27 Rieke van der Graaf “The ethical aspect of EBR: the question of valuable research”
1:08:25 Q&A with Hans Lund and Rieke van der Graaf


Plenary 2: Using the Evidence-Based Research approach

Chair: Hans Lund
0:00:44 Michel Shamy “Equipoise and EBR – the need to justify a new RCT”
0:31:08 Alex Sutton “When is a further clinical trial justified?”
1:03:05 Q&A with Michel Shamy and Alex Sutton


Plenary 3: Metaresearch

Chair: Livia Puljak
0:00:45 Introductions
0:02:43 Livia Puljak “What is metaresearch, and how should we call it”
0:12:15 Dawid Pieper “What is a meta-epidemiological study?”
0:28:36 Lawrence Mbuagbaw and Daeria Lawson “The METRIC Project”
0:40:45 Panel discussion


Plenary 4: Current and future challenges for the EBR Approach

Chair: Jennifer Yost
0:00:56 Jeremy Grimshaw “Evidence-Based Research in the Time of COVID”
0:29:14 Q&A with Jeremy Grimshaw
0:42:36 Karen Robinson “Evidence-Based Research – The Future?”
1:02:59 Q&A with Karen Robinson and Jeremy Grimshaw
1:30:33 Close of Conference with Miloslav Klugar, Hans Lund and Maritta Valimaki


Abstract and Poster Session Videos

NOTE: the Abstract Book can be downloaded here

Kirsi Hipp: User involvement in research: challenges and opportunities in conducting systematic reviews
Jingjing Meng: Non-pharmacological therapies for improving sleep quality in people living with HIV: Do we still need new studies?
Alejandra Recio-Saucedo: What works in peer review and decision-making approaches to grant funding allocation: a realist synthesis
Jong-Wook Ban: Waste in external validation studies of clinical prediction rule (CPR): Recursive cumulative meta-analyses of Framingham Wilson coronary heart disease rule
Robert Prill: Protocol for a mixed method approach on Scientific Medical Journals’ barriers and facilitators for the reduction of research waste – an EVBRES initiative
Silvia Capikova: How Can Sociological Approach to EBM be Useful for EBR Implementation?
Anna Prokop-Dorner: ‘There is no interest in evidence-based research, actually’ – a qualitative study on barriers and facilitators of implementing EBR approach
Mateusz Swierz : Comparability of quality assessments of systematic reviews/meta-analyses in nutrition using AMSTAR-2 and ROBIS
Julian Hirt : Educational interventions to improve literature searching skills: A scoping review of intervention studies
Hazel Roddam: ReSNetSLT: Using a conceptual value creation framework to evaluate the impact of an online initiative for promoting evidence-based research in allied health
Raluca Sfetcu and Lisa Affengruber: Increasing the value of research by improving the efficient production and updating of systematic reviews
Ci Zhang: Effectiveness and safety of providing free HIV self-testing kits among men who have sex with men in China: is there a knowledge gap?
Käthe Goossen: Strategies for effective study author contact to leverage existing research data when preparing systematic reviews – a randomised study within a review (SWAR)
Cristhian Morales-Plaza: Developing questions for rapid reviews based on the routine use of medical data to identify adverse drug reactions (ADRs)
Katarzyna Klas: Ethics of clinical trials during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – preliminary findings of trial informativeness
Matthias Briel: Quality of clinical trial protocols – evidence for improvement? The Adherence to SPIrit Recommendations in Switzerland, Canada, and Germany (ASPIRE-SCAGE) Study
Karolina Strzebonska: Publication and reporting of clinical trial results: cross sectional analysis across academic medical centers
Paulina Glodo: Research waste in published systematic reviews regarding coffee consumption and cancer risk
Deepti Beri: Prevention, management, and control of leptospirosis in India: An evidence gap map